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Show you are a specialist by publishing inspiring articles on your website.

A professional blog

Valid check Quality webpages
Comply with most of W3C and SEO standards.
Rocket ship Quick loading
Pages are displayed in no time ! 
Shield eye GDPR compliant
No need to display a consent popup
for cookies. *
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Test our service during two weeks.
* You will have your own instance of Matomo for web analytics, with the anonymization of your visitors. No need to send data to Google Analytics.

Manage your blog from your word processor

Manage your blog with your word processor

Open your preferred word processor, write a document and save it in a shared folder. You have just published a new article into your blog !

Keep your good old habits !

Designed for prolific writers

Brighten your pages with videos, images, equations, sounds, emojis, calendars, maps, etc.

A document with media

Have a look at this sample webpage.

Your content at immediate reach of your fingertips

An horrible typo

There is a typo on your website !?

Fix it in no time by editing the corresponding document in your folder.

What would you do with another CMS ? Probably something like: open a browser, go to a login page, login, click, re-click, ... search your page, fix the typo through the text area of a form, validate and disconnect.

Edit your website from your favorite file format

Currently you can choose between:

The programming tools we use allow many more formats. Let us know if you want to use something else.

For instance this docx document …

Snapshot of a docx

… will generate this webpage

Snapshot of a webpage

What about WordPress ?

Static Site Generators (SSG) like this one are perfectly fitted for managing a blog.

Depending on what you want, you may not have to learn how to use WordPress or any major Content Management System (CMS).

A static website can still be dynamized with third party web app interactions – for instance you can add a comments section with Disqus.

CMS and SSG logos

Interested ?

What about fixing an appointment ? I am looking forward to knowing more about your project !

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