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Prices for adding a blog to a preexisting website

You already have a website, and you want to add blog managed by our service ? Then these three services are made for you.

1500 €
+ 40 €/month
Basic web design integration1
One blog writer
5 GB
2500 €
+ 50 €/month
Customized web integration2
Up to two blog writers
Self-hosted web analytics4,
or integration with preexisting web analytics
15 GB
3750 €
+ 75 €/month
Advanced web design integration3
Up to ten blog writers
Self-hosted web analytics4,
or integration with preexisting web analytics
40 GB
Priority service

Two-steps payment: first half at the beginning of the project and second half when the website is ready for being published.

If you don't have any website yet, and you want to create a full website with a blog, have a look here. You can also create a website with no blog or consider one of our other services.

1: "Basic web design integration" includes:

2: "Customized web design integration" includes:

3: For an "Advanced web design integration" and a flawless inclusion of the blog into your website layout, we will contact specialized web-designers and front-end developers. Be warned that advanced designs may still add substantial costs depending on your expectations.

4: No need to display a consent popup for cookies. You will have your own instance of Matomo for web analytics, with the anonymization of your visitors. No need to send data to Google Analytics.

Personal guidance and after sale service include videoconferences with screen sharing and phone calls. Coming to help you where you are is possible up to 1h30 around Lorient by car.

If you decide to end the subscription, we commit ourselves to send you all the HTML/CSS/JS of your website as soon as you ask for it. You will thus have all you need to host your website, as it is, on another server. This way, you will maintain your website alive while searching for another CMS. If you end the subscription, you are allowed to host your website elsewhere, but you won't be able to modify the structure or the layout with our services anymore. Pambda keeps the copyright on the structure and the graphical layout. The copyright text must be present in the footer of the website as long as you will be using our layout and our website structure. Editions of the content (text, video, image, sound) are allowed as long as they do not change the structure and the layout. You will be free to reuse the content with another CMS, another website structure and another website layout.